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Posted on 2007.10.19 at 15:12
i love ye miyu sensei
yer curves
yer puffy dyed hair
yer strange zit lookin lik a horn!

i want ta get drunk
an fight in th mud!
an bath with ye!

chuu <3

suzuki's cat looks odd an fishi I don't know if he's a woman or a man, like suzuki o_O

Posted on 2007.09.21 at 20:08
i've been thinkin in Miyusensei lately n writin poems fer'er

jin's been actin fishy lately an rinku looks like if he'd been pickin fights with someone else! Aye rinku! Where ye found th brawl? I want ta fight! an drink!

Posted on 2007.08.28 at 21:00
me feeling: pissed offpissed off
DAMN YE RAIKOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where's me booze? I need it



Posted on 2007.06.16 at 20:46
me feeling: jubilantjubilant
I'm enjoyin me time at the temple 'lone. Y'kina shiela isn't roun

I'd go after Raikou .. meybe I'll

Urameshi n Jin n the lil lass Hinageshi are leavin the temple today. Leaves me COMEPLeTELY Alone! HAR HAR cept fer that chap Koenma an Touya but he's not 'ere

One thing I'll try doin at th' beech: swimmin

I don't hav water garmits I'll improvise somethin'

Posted on 2007.06.08 at 03:00
me feeling: busybusy
Everyone's leavin th' temple tomorrow

I'll be left alone with Y'kina an Touya's stayin at his teahouse he won't come over cos he has been actin fishy after he moved away with Sishi.

With Genkai gone Ill have me to do list:

private to do listCollapse )

my humps yeaahh!

Stayin at the temple alone (private secret)

Posted on 2007.06.03 at 00:12
me feeling: deviousplottin
I'm stayin alone at the temple

Genkai's goin ta be gone too an I think lil chap Koenma is stayin with me too. Its me chance ta get a new stash o' booze cos Genkai got rid of the lake fill'd with alcohol we had ;_;

I'm goin to find ningin currency an go shoppin

I can ask Y'kina ta buy fer me cos she's used to visitin stores n' shops.

So I'll get me new stash in th time when Genkai's gone

Maybe that ning'n shiela Kuroko would like ta come an visit me :D



Chuu the Mighty!

Posted on 2007.05.23 at 01:29
me feeling: excitedexcited
private to RaikouCollapse )

I gots lots o' good grades! A, B C! Har har

I did better than Su'ki an Shishi! Take that! If ye drink ye'll get good grades n' pass school without realizin what happened

Not drunk

Imma beat che!

Posted on 2007.05.03 at 17:13
me feeling: fullproud
Shishi's missin' n' no one knows where he went. Maybee he's somewhere drunk 'n wasted. Ye guys worry ta much, like Suzuki.
I've been thinkin' in Miyu sensei an the damn Raikou he's kinda went poof. Just when I want'd ta get 'im

Heh Chuu the Drunken master beat him only with me threats! I knew he was no match fer me

I herd this ninginkai gets warmer in the season o' the year an' it means we all get holidays 'ntil later

Not drunk

Fightin an drinkin

Posted on 2007.04.16 at 15:09
me feeling: sickhangover
I don't remember ya... ther was a fight an some water demons walkin 'roun the temple an we started fightn'em. They had a funny smell like the bottles ya! Like empty bottles 'o a strong liquor

tis was bliss tho the temple's a bit shabby now. I dunno what happene cept I woke up in th' forest bein very happy with meself! hehehe

I wish all me enemies were made o' booze

wink ^.~


Posted on 2007.04.02 at 15:50
me feeling: fullfull
Jin hid the booze! We now hav a pond fill'd with beer, rum, vodka, ogre killer, martini, sake, wine an other cool drinks! Genkai'll never find out wher' we put it hehehe

Takin a chug from th' fountain's easy

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