Maa Nome yo

Drinkin an Fightin Round the world!

18 June 1984
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'Ere now! Me name's Chuu, and I'm a right enough bloke. I like fighting! And drinkin! And sometimes not just in that particulair order. I fought on Team Rokuyoukai, and I was the real team leader, not that bloody Zeru. I'm a Drunken Master, so don't be a thinking you can outdo me at drinking har har! After training with that old shiela Genkai I've gotten a lot stronger, though I lost track o' me friends after the Makai Tournament. So if'n ye see my mates, let them know where I am! It'd be great to see them again!

As for me spare time, besides lookin fer me mates, I'd like to find a pretty Shiela all o' my own!